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by Sanne on June 4th, 2015

Rolling Stoned in Jamaica!

Yes you read it right, Rolling Stoned - at least part of it - coming next week from the tropical island of Jamaica! We do live coverage of a unique breeding course so expect Jamaican Bud Babes, Jamaican how to stories, visit a ganja farm and much more.

After a long flight and a decent ride to Hotbox Jamaica where the culture course - A week of higher education - is given cannabis by Canadian Matt Mernagh, I was welcomed warmly yesterday. Of course to good use Jamaican mountains with some weed, yeah man!
The person behind Hotbox Jamaica Abi Roach, an operator of a so-called Canadian vapor lounge, which say the Canadian version of our coffee shop. But now lives Abi so most of the year between the Rastafarians in Jamaica Hotbox. And with that she passed the phenomenon of vapor lounge to Jamaica.
After the flight I had provided a massive jet but that disappeared like snow in the sun by the inspiring stories, the ganja, and truly fabulous nature here! Because it is beautiful people everywhere you look grows ripe fruit and otherwise there are marijuana plants. Philip, the chef of hotbox provided a refreshing iced tea weed-entry and I get a tour of the magnificent building.
Our weed is stronger but here you can taste the Jamaican sun in it, especially if you ganja chalice arrested there!

Cannabis is in Jamaica for two months now officially legal for religious, therapeutic and medicinal use, but in practice it does not make much difference because the people here take cannabis freedom itself. They do not have much mar plant their own medicine and thereby let nature do most of the work. The Rastas all want to know from me whether their ganja can compete with the Dutch in weed, but it's just not comparable. Our weed is stronger but here you can taste the Jamaican sun in it, especially if you ganja chalice arrested there!

After quick the environment have been explored 4:20 so time to sit down with Matt and the others to socialize over Jamaica, cannabis and cannabis different cultures where we come from. This week is super-irie as I understand soon! After a while a pipe on the table that looks like a bong made out of a coconut, but is actually a great vaporizer! You have to try it to know it because when you see him you do not believe these ganja chalice evaporator works so incredibly well. Even so well for me that he can compete with my Herborizer.
The Jamaicans might not wealthy, but they know how to reap the fruits of the land. The weed, bananas, papayas and their homemade evaporator nota bene! I'm going to make this week a self-ganja Challice and will naturally rich in Rolling Stoned defeat how it is, and from what I've seen, you can make it too easy evaporator itself in the Netherlands.
I get lots of energy from the good vibe that hangs here, but at the same time because I got a whopper of a jetlag after two long flights I look at eleven o'clock at night still in my bed. This is a great week, Tuesday more ...

Posted on June 4th, 2015

The importance of a relaxed setting

TranslateFrom one of the most beautiful tropical places on earth talk to our own Canadian cannabis Matt Mernagh you on the importance of a relaxed setting to enjoy cannabis. A place where you feel comfortable will have a beneficial effect on your high, but watch out for an unpleasant place can also cause paranoia!

Ganja greetings! My joint is jam-packed with Jamaica's best ganja, the hammock is quietly rocked back and forth by a refreshing breeze and in the distance creates an inviting white beach and the Caribbean Sea for a fantastic tropical views.

As I write this I experience the dream of every blower, but underestimated - wherever you joint rears - never the importance of setting the effect of your high. By simply swapping your environment, you can change your cannabis experience dramatically.

... In the distance creates an inviting white beach and the Caribbean Sea for a fantastic tropical views

Many of you have had the experience that sometimes great sitting dreaming on a nice Rolling joints until you change your place and you find yourself high at the same time it changes. For example, when you're chilling out on a comfy couch and decided to get some food to go for an emerging munchies. Unfortunately, the store mega busy and you should see your way to find among all the people in the paths of the grocery store so you will be paranoia. If you had stayed at home on the couch was now likely to sleep like a baby or were you still delicious duration of the trip.
I do not mean you always have to go home now sit steaming, but it is important for a relaxed high to ensure a pleasant space when you start blowing

I do not say that you now always have to be sitting at home smoking weed, but it is important for a relaxed high to provide a pleasant place when you're dope. You are where you blowt shall I say. I've just about anywhere smoked cannabis, because I've always done because of my arthritis or high am. From a luxury to a simple environment, but they may be to chill blowing in. As long as you just feel comfortable.

Some blowers have glow in the dark posters on the wall and blurred colored lights to create a trippy decor. There are also enough with a Bob Marley or green weed theme in their home. Collectors of bongs surround themselves with beautiful glassware and bubblers or have all the display cases filled with paraphernalia. Thoroughly cleaned after each use, of course.

Nothing wrong with Matt's setting on Jamaica

Blow my own place is also quite fat if I do say so myself. There is a PS3, a Wii and there is a relaxed flat-screen TV and of course lacking the necessary equipment like a Volcano Vaporizer, an arch-resistant glassware collection and a professional popcorn machine. I blow everywhere in my house, but my special ganjakamer my bongs always tastes the best. When you relax room in a cannabis room you changed not only the room itself, but also more enjoy your weed.

But not everybody has the space to dedicate an entire room to cannabis consumption. In that case, you can also collect a modest collection blowers supplies in your session. Develop your own ritual around these items and take time to enjoy the process. Invest in a good grinder and buy or make a nice box to store your weed, rolling paper and you keep your other stuff ulcers.
It's uber cool to your friends to let themselves choose from a variety of different papers. Why should only choice for tea drinkers and cigar smokers are reserved?

Matt with in the foreground the Steam Chalice. Can make a Jamaican evaporator yourself

True joint smokers should have a collection of papers. Even if you prefer to have a specific brand, your friends might prefer to use another brand papers. It's uber cool to your friends to let themselves choose from a variety of different papers. Why should only choice for tea drinkers and cigar smokers are reserved? Moreover, you will never run flow and people ... well not Crack tips of a packet flow but just buy a pack of roaches when you're in investing in your hobby.

How the hell can you enjoy a dirty bong? Are your bongs spotless? Did you change the water? Stop reading now if that is not so. Tip: A bong which was clean for a session is much easier to clean than a bong which is a week not cleaned.
How important is the setting?

It is evening in Hotbox Jamaica, the sun sinks further and further into the blue sea and I have a couple of new friends and a new pipe - a handmade Steam Chalice. We decided to keep a cozy Steam Chalice verdampwedstrijd.

At home in Canada, I mean on a Saturday ridiculous amounts of weed wegstomen but here turn like magic, right in our verdampwedstrijd the paranoia. Yet it will not happen to me that here in Jamaica my cannabis champion title loss?

And then suddenly I realize something. It's not just the weed is different, but it's also the first time that I use a Steam Chalice and this beautiful area, I am not accustomed. I remind myself hastily: "Yes, you're really on a Jamaican mountain watching a beautiful sunset. Just stay as calm and prepare yourself for one of the best cannabis-trips of your life. " So never underestimate the importance of the setting when you enjoy cannabis!

Matt Mernagh

Posted on March 29th, 2014

"The revolution will succeed when Jamaicans are allowed to grow, sell and market marijuana and hemp for any purpose they want to”,…”From tourism to nutrition, Jamaica is uniquely able to save its people by running an economy based on the ganja plant….”

- Reverend Leroy James Campbell


GROW JAMAICA is based on the book Grow Jamaica by Reverend Leroy James Campbell. The film examines the economic, medical, political and legal implications of legalising cannabis in Jamaica. This entertaining and educational 60 minute documentary has contributions from a wide cross-section of Jamaican society, including politicians, farmers, doctors, economists and police officers.

Rev. Leeroy James Campbell was a child and servant of God. He wrote and published. He was an accomplished designer/artist, Health andFitness Guru, Herbalist and Researcher on the effects of natural mind enhancing substance GANJA on the human body, mind and spirit.

Bro. Leeroy was a teacher/counsellor, he confronted, uplifted and motivated people with his words and had been speaking to varied groups on a wide range of subjects since 1990.


Click here to sign the GROW JAMAICA PETITION ...

by Jamaica Observer on January 27th, 2014

LOCAL scientist Hawthorne Watson says he has isolated a new chemical compound from ganja, but is yet to determine whether it has any medicinal value.

Watson named the chemical compound as Cannabitriol (CBT), and said that while clinical studies have not yet been initiated... "its structure gives reasons to be upbeat".

"CBT has essentially the same basic structure as Tetrahyrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive compound found in ganja and is primarily responsible for giving the 'high'," Watson wrote in an article submitted to the Jamaica Observer.

"CBT, however, has two additional alcoholic groups," Watson said. "In addition, the position of what in Chemistry is called a 'double bond' is different. Interestingly, there are two different forms of THC and two different forms of CBT; but the reasons for their existence are widely unrelated."

Watson's findings come amidst growing debate in Jamaica and other countries about the medicinal use of ganja, also known as marijuana.

On January 8, the health ministry in France approved commercial sales of Sativex, a medicine derived from cannabis, for the first time.

Sativex, produced by Britain's GW Pharmaceuticals, will be allowed for the treatment of muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Locally, legislators have been encouraged to decriminalise ganja in order to have Jamaica capitalise on a billion-dollar medical ganja industry.

In his article, Watson explained that Cannabitriol is a new cannabinoid.

"In simple terms, cannabinoids are the typical or characteristic chemicals found in the family of plants called Cannabaceae of which Cannabis is a member or genus," Watson said.

"Within this genus there are actually three species of Cannabis, but only two are well-known. The two are Cannabis indica, which is popularly known as hemp, and Cannabis sativa, known locally as ganja, but is also known elsewhere as marihuana or marijuana. The third and much less known species is Cannabis ruderalis, found mainly in central Russia," said Watson, who heads the Scientific Research Council.

"Cannabis sativa is the only species cultivated in Jamaica to date and is sometimes called hemp, in error," he said, adding that there are more than 85 known cannabinoids in Cannabis, but these chemicals are also produced naturally in the immune and nervous systems of humans and animals.

Watson said that although the structural framework of THC and CBT is different from that of Cannabidiol (CBD), another well-known cannabinoid, a comparison can be made.

"The ending 'diol' in CBD indicates the presence of two alcoholic groups. In this case, one group is an alcohol and the other a phenol. CBT, on the other hand, has two alcoholic groups and a phenolic group," the scientist said.

"Cannabidiol is credited with curing a number of ailments including seizures, diabetes, cancers of various types, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation and pain, among others, while having no known adverse side effect.

"Very importantly, it has been found to be an antidote to THC, meaning that CBD reduces the psychoactive effect of THC," he said.

According to Watson, a recent study has found THC to restrict and suppress the growth of cancer cells in the brain. "This is encouraging news, given that it was previously documented that THC actually kills lung cancer cells," he said.

Watson, however, cautioned that these results should not be interpreted to mean advocacy for widespread, uncontrolled or illegal use of the plant and its extracts.

"In this regard, it should be noted that tests are normally done with known quantities of pure chemicals under controlled conditions," he said, and reminded that "smoking of whatever substance can be a threat to good health and longevity".

Added Watson: "It is yet to be seen if Cannabitriol is psychoactive or has any curative powers. Clinical tests will have to be done; first with mice and then with humans, depending on the results obtained with the mice. This is usually a long and, most times, a very expensive process."

He said, too, that a potential difficulty with further work is that while THC and CBD are found in relative abundance in the two well-known species of Cannabis, Cannabitriol has been identified only in very small amounts.

"A chemical with some similarities was identified in Japanese ganja, but the scientists did not establish a structure to allow for meaningful comparison," Watson said.

Posted on January 23rd, 2014

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