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Posted on March 29th, 2014

"The revolution will succeed when Jamaicans are allowed to grow, sell and market marijuana and hemp for any purpose they want to”,…”From tourism to nutrition, Jamaica is uniquely able to save its people by running an economy based on the ganja plant….”

- Reverend Leroy James Campbell


GROW JAMAICA is based on the book Grow Jamaica by Reverend Leroy James Campbell. The film examines the economic, medical, political and legal implications of legalising cannabis in Jamaica. This entertaining and educational 60 minute documentary has contributions from a wide cross-section of Jamaican society, including politicians, farmers, doctors, economists and police officers.

Rev. Leeroy James Campbell was a child and servant of God. He wrote and published. He was an accomplished designer/artist, Health andFitness Guru, Herbalist and Researcher on the effects of natural mind enhancing substance GANJA on the human body, mind and spirit.

Bro. Leeroy was a teacher/counsellor, he confronted, uplifted and motivated people with his words and had been speaking to varied groups on a wide range of subjects since 1990.


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